• The Arena teams we're matched up against this time all look pretty tough. I think we're better off surrendering and finding some new opponents.

  • Commander Anna, why do you want to avoid fighting them?

  • Take a good look. Each of those teams has a dancer or singer shown as the leader.

  • With foes like those, we're at risk of being attacked even outside of the danger area, making it difficult to come up with a strategy. I'd rather spend the Dueling Sword to surrender and avoid fighting them than to charge in and lose.

  • Oh, I get it! It can be pretty hard to predict what foes who can act twice will do. So, how are things looking now that we've got new opponents?

  • Well, now EVERY team in every difficulty level has a dancer! Ugh... All right, we're going to surrender and try again! Next!

Tips for Getting Good Scores

Getting good scores is the key to rising up through the tiers of the Arena, so it's important to be able to win battles reliably. Keep the following tips in mind as you work toward victory.

Aim for a Clean Slate

It's important that you don't allow any of your allies to be defeated, so try winning battles at the Easy and Intermediate difficulty levels first while you're still at a low tier. If you're looking to go up a tier once you're at Tier 10 or higher, you might want to consider surrendering if any of your allies have been defeated in battle so that you can start over and get another chance at winning with a good score.

Stay Out of Your Foes' Range

The opposing team in the Arena will start by coming toward you in full force, so you should establish your formation to meet the attack. Bring armored or dragon allies with skills like Vengeful Fighter or Distant Counter, and you'll find the battles much easier.

Beware of Skills That Grant Second Actions

The Sing and Dance skills allow Heroes to act twice and are often the prelude to a withering attack. Be ready to preemptively take down any foes who can use these skills.

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