• With all these Sacred Seals available, it must be hard to choose. That's why I've made a short list of seals that I think would be great for you, Sharena!

  • Thank goodness, I was really struggling! Quickened Pulse looks like it would be great for using Specials faster, and I'm sure Alfonse would love Def Tactic!

  • When you get a 5★ rating, you'll unlock Fensalir, which lets you give foes in the surrounding two spaces an Atk-4 penalty at the start of the turn.

  • So once you've got your foes all nice and weakened, you can use the Drive Atk 2 seal to give your allies within a range of two spaces an Atk+3 boost!

  • Smart thinking! You know, you could be a Sacred Seal coach for Heroes in desperate need of advice!

  • Wait, is that a thing? My business sense is tingling...

Some Particularly Useful Sacred Seals

In addition to Sacred Seals for certain ally types, there are also those that can be put to broader use. These seals are extremely versatile, and generally speaking, you can equip them on any ally to your benefit. We've given three recommendations below.

Drive Atk

This seal gives allies within a range of two spaces an Atk boost, making it useful for boosting multiple allies at once and worth enhancing. It also works with the Drive Atk C skill, so pairing the C skill version with the Sacred Seal version can grant an even stronger boost.

Quickened Pulse

This seal will reduce the cooldown of an ally's Special at the beginning of the first turn of a map, making it extremely useful to have. It's also a great companion to Specials with short cooldowns, like Moonbow, and weapon skills with short cooldowns, like Killing Edge. What's more, it'll also activate on every map in Tempest Trials and other situations where you'll be fighting through several maps in a row.

Quick Riposte

Finally, Quick Riposte is a very useful seal that will guarantee an ally performs a follow-up attack when the ally is receiving an attack and has a certain amount of HP remaining. If you have resources to spare, it's worth enhancing to Quick Riposte 3 to vastly improve your chances of finishing off an enemy with a counter.

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