• Another month, another Tempest Trials! I can't wait to meet some new Heroes!

  • Don't forget the rewards! Tempest Trials is a great opportunity to pick up valuable Sacred Seals!

  • Ha, I'm one step ahead of you. I've been making sure to get my Sacred Seal every mon—Oh! There's another Sacred Seal higher up on the reward list!

  • Yep! As you've noticed, sometimes you can get two Sacred Seals from Tempest Trials. The one higher up on the reward list will be stronger, so don't let it go to waste!

  • And there I was, happy just to get some 5★ Heroes... Th-They're going to bring the old events back, right? Right?

  • Let's just focus on getting more done next month, eh?

Get Sacred Seals as Rewards

You can receive Sacred Seals in Tempest Trials events depending on how you fare in battle. Incorporate bonus allies into your team to help boost your score!

Try Squad Assault Too

Squad Assault (selectable from Multi-Map Battles under Story Maps) is another way to acquire Sacred Seals. This is a challenging mode where you'll have to form five squads from your roster, so try it out once you've built up a roster of strong Heroes!

Rewarded Seals Can Be Enhanced

Sacred Seals that you received as rewards from Tempest Trials and Squad Assault can be enhanced just like Seals created in the Sacred Seal Forge.

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Sacred Seals That Are Generally Useful

Power Up with Sacred Seals!

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