Chaos Season Lift Values

During Chaos season, you play using Chaos-season-specific Lift values. For the first Chaos season you participate in, your starting Lift is based on your Lift from the normal Aether Raids season that preceded it. Afterward, the results of your most recent Chaos season are used to determine your starting Lift value.

Lift Acquired when Attacking during Chaos Season

Unlike normal Aether Raids, Chaos season lacks bonuses from Mythic effects. Instead, you acquire 70 more Lift from a battle than in normal Aether Raids seasons. On top of that, the below bonus is applied:
・ Defeat a foe with a Bonus Ally: +20 (once per battle)

Note: These values are when attacking with a Boost of x1.

Bonus Mythic Heroes in Raiding Parties

Include a Light or Astra Bonus Mythic Hero in your Raiding Party, and just like in normal Aether Raids, your team will be treated as if none of your allies were defeated, even if one is.

Lift Loss Reduction when Defending during Chaos Season

Compared to normal Aether Raids, you lose 40 less Lift.

Bonus Mythic Heroes in Defensive Teams

Include a Dark or Anima Bonus Mythic Hero in your Defensive Team, and just like in normal Aether Raids, your defense team will be treated as if it defeated an additional foe, even if your defense fails.

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