• It's been a long wait, but a new season has finally come to Aether Raids! It's called "Chaos season"!

  • Ch-Chaos?! The name sounds pretty serious—like we'll need a whole team of Legendary and Mythic Heroes to take it on!

  • Actually, Chaos season is a mode where certain Legendary and Mythic effects are nullified! And if that's not enough to shake things up, the Lift values and rules are also a little different from usual.

  • In other words, there are fewer restrictions on team composition than in regular Aether Raids seasons! Well? You're interested now, aren't you?

  • That means all Heroes have a chance to show their mettle, right? In that case, I'm going to assemble a team with all my favorite Heroes and give it a shot! Starting tomorrow, you can call me Sharena: Child of Chaos!

  • Um... Doesn't that sound even more dramatic than the name of the season?

A Special Season with New Lift Values

The Chaos season in Aether Raids is a special season in which you play with unique rules and a Lift value that is different from that of normal seasons.

Nullified Legendary and Mythic Effects

Since the usual Light and Dark seasons do not exist in Chaos season, Legendary and Mythic effects that grant boosts to stats or increase Lift gain will not apply. It's a great opportunity to give Heroes who don't normally get to be dispatched in Aether Raids a chance to shine.

Bonus Allies from Specific Versions

In Chaos season, in addition to the normal Bonus Allies, all Heroes who appeared in a specific version of the game will be Bonus Allies. Note that you can check which Heroes appeared in which version by selecting "Version" in the Sort feature.

Special Team Composition Restrictions

In Chaos seasons, you cannot add more than one of the same Hero to your team. Also, you can only have one Hero with Dance or Sing skills, and only one Hero who can use Savior.

A Regularly Scheduled Event

Chaos seasons will be held at regular intervals in Aether Raids. When Chaos season is active, you will not be able to play normal Aether Raids.

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