Take on the Ultimate Challenge: Abyssal Difficulty

Mythic or Legendary Hero Battles, as well as some Grand Hero Battles and Limited Hero Battles, feature a level of difficulty higher than Infernal: Abyssal. At this difficulty level, your foes will be stronger than ever. You'll need to unlock your Heroes' potential, refine weapons, inherit skills, and more to make your Heroes strong enough to take on these foes. You'll also need to make sure you have a good grasp of your foes' equipped skills, color affinities, effective skills, and so on.

Make a Team That Can Take a Beating

Your foes will have high stats, and as a result, your Heroes will be taking much more damage. You'll need to decide whether to build a team with resilient defenders aided by staff users, or to focus on defeating your foes quickly with a strong attacking force before they can get the jump on you. Ideally, you should look to bring Heroes who have skills that allow them to act a second time, as well as attackers who can benefit from weapon-triangle advantages or unit-type advantages.

Special Gold Accessories as Rewards

In Abyssal maps outside of Limited Hero Battles, you'll be able to earn gold accessories that are exclusive to each Hero Battle. These accessories are just for dressing up and won't boost stats, but they will serve as proof that you have what it takes to clear Abyssal.

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