• Harmonized Heroes are units represented by two Heroes, much like Duo Heroes. But in this case, they contain Heroes who came from different worlds to fight together!

  • Different worlds... I guess this is what they mean by "different titles"!

  • That's right. And in Resonant Battles, found in the Coliseum, you can even gain special Harmonized Hero Bonuses toward your score by deploying Harmonized Heroes who match the current bonus titles.

  • And there's two bonus titles every season, right? Can you get by only matching one title?

  • You can! And while Limited Hero Battles only let you deploy Heroes from chosen titles, you can still deploy Harmonized Heroes if at least one member matches the current title restriction.

  • Wow, it sounds like Harmonized Heroes are useful in all kinds of events! I'll make sure I don't miss my next chance to summon one!

Keep Source Titles in Mind When Deploying Harmonized Heroes

Harmonized Heroes are units composed of two Heroes originating from different titles in the Fire Emblem series of games. They come with Harmonized Skills that buff Heroes who originate from the same titles (as well as buffing themselves), but where they're most useful is in Resonant Battles and Limited Hero Battles. Either member of a Harmonized Hero unit can match the bonus titles for these modes, so you'll be sure to get an advantage if you can fit them into your team.

Resonant Battles Feature All Kinds of Bonuses

In Resonant Battles, you'll be tasked with defeating fleeing thieves, and you can acquire a number of bonuses for how many thieves you defeat or for bringing no more than one Hero with Sing or Dance skills. You'll also gain an additional 10 points toward your score for each Hero from a bonus title you add to your team, and those Heroes will gain HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 for the duration of the battle.

Get Special Harmonized Hero Bonuses

If you include Harmonized Heroes from bonus titles in your team, you can earn up to 40 bonus points to your score, calculated from the number of Harmonized Heroes (maximum of 2) multiplied by the number of Heroes from bonus titles (including the Harmonized Heroes themselves), multiplied again by 5. Additionally, merged Harmonized Heroes will provide bonus points based on the number of merges (up to a maximum of 20 merges).

Limited Hero Battles Come with Restrictions

In Limited Hero Battles, the following restrictions will be placed on the Heroes you can deploy:
・ Heroes must originate from the designated titles.
・ No more than one Hero with Sing or Dance skills can be deployed (in some cases, no such Heroes are allowed).

Like in Grand Hero Battles, the following restrictions also apply:
・ All Heroes must survive the battle without being defeated.
・ Light's Blessing cannot be used.

You can deploy a team of three Heroes or fewer.

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Make Good Use of Harmonized Heroes

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