• So we've got both Duo Heroes and Harmonized Heroes... I understand that both of these refer to two Heroes working as one, but what's the difference between them?

  • Well, Duo Heroes are pairs of Heroes who came from the same world. Harmonized Heroes, however, are pairs of Heroes from different worlds!

  • Ah ha! Come to think of it, Mia and Marth do come from different worlds, and they're Harmonized Heroes. Mia comes from Tellius and Marth comes from Ylisse, right?

  • That's a useful thing to remember! When you put a Harmonized Hero in a team with allies from the same titles, you'll be able to use Harmonized Skills, which will strengthen both the Harmonized Hero and those allies!

  • Wow, I had no idea they were so powerful!

  • Oh, definitely! When you add a Harmonized Hero to a team, you should try to fill the team out with other Heroes from the same titles!

Harmonized Heroes: Pairs from Different Worlds

Harmonized Heroes are pairs of Heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds. During battle, they can use Harmonized Skills that will grant buffs to themselves and allies from the same titles. Additionally, you can deploy Harmonized Heroes in Resonant Battles and meet certain conditions to gain a bonus to your score.

Acquire Harmonized Heroes in Special Heroes and Double Special Heroes Summoning Events

You can typically acquire Harmonized Heroes from Special Hero and Double Special Heroes summoning events, in the same manner as Duo Heroes. Double Special Heroes summoning events are held once every two months and routinely have a very high appearance rate of 6% for 5★ focus units, so don't miss out!

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Harmonized Heroes in Resonant and Limited Hero Battles

Special Hero and Double Special Hero Summoning Events

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