• Be careful, Sharena! In Røkkr Sieges, we'll be fighting gigantic, shadowy enemies known as Røkkr. They're mighty foes who have gained the power of Heroes!

  • Y-yikes! How are we supposed to fight enemies like THAT?!

  • Fear not—we've got a plan! Summoners from other worlds will send Heroes to help us out!

  • Wow, really? In that case, I feel like we've got a chance!

  • On top of that, whenever we attack a Røkkr or its minions, we'll keep building up damage on the Røkkr itself!

  • All right! I'll do my best to land maximum damage on it!

Join Forces with Other Players to Take Down the Røkkr

In Røkkr Sieges, you'll cooperate with other players to take down a giant boss—the Røkkr. Participating in this event will consume stamina unique to Røkkr Sieges. At the end of the event, you can receive rewards based on your rank and how much damage you dealt to the Røkkr.

End of the Battle

The battle will end after seven turns have elapsed or the damage cap has been reached. At the end of a battle, the allied armies will launch their attack.

Defeat the Røkkr to Earn Rewards

You can receive rewards if you defeat the Røkkr at the end of the battle. On top of that, you'll also get different rewards based on your total damage, your maximum damage inflicted, and world damage (total damage inflicted by you and your allies) during the battle period. Furthermore, at the end of the battle, you'll receive rewards based on your world rank.

Increase Your Damage Multiplier

During the battle, the multiplier for damage inflicted to the Røkkr will increase as you attack or defeat enemies. Carefully consider your team composition and approach in order to inflict as much damage on the Røkkr as you can. Your multiplier in battle will also get a boost from how much stamina you spend to participate. Use as much stamina as you can to launch an attack when you want to maximize damage, or if you want to settle things then and there!

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