• We're not having much luck getting strong Heroes to join the Order, no matter how often we try summoning them...

  • Don't let it get you down. Our chances of getting a strong Hero may improve if we keep trying.

  • Yes, I suppose you're right! All right then, I'll let our summoner Kiran know to keep on summoning!

  • Who knows, maybe we'll even get versions of ourselves from different worlds in the form of magnificent Heroes!

  • Imagine—we could have an Anna who's kind, dedicated to her duty, and has a completely reasonable attitude toward money!

  • ...Hey, Sharena, guess who's on boot-cleaning duty for the next week.

Color-Coding of Summoning Stones

The five summoning stones that appear when you perform a summoning are color-coded to represent different Hero types. To give examples of the primary weapons for each type, red stones yield sword allies, blue stones yield lance allies, green stones yield axe allies, and colorless stones yield bow and dagger allies. As such, you have a degree of choice over which color of Hero you want to summon. However, the stone colors that appear are randomly chosen, so you won't always be able to keep summoning Heroes of a certain color.

Summon More Heroes for Less

When you summon Heroes from five summoning stones in a row, the amount of Orbs required will decrease. This lets you efficiently summon more Heroes by using all of the summoning stones offered, instead of repeatedly spending the starting amount of Orbs to keep picking a specific color.

Appearance Rate Increases for 5★ Heroes

As soon as you start summoning, the chance of being able to summon a 5★ Hero on general summoning banners is fixed at 3.00% for both the 5★ Focus and 5★ categories. However, if you summon Heroes that are 4★ or lower five times in a row, the appearance rate of 5★ Heroes will receive a +0.5% increase when you start a fresh Summon screen. Once you summon a 5★ Hero, the appearance rate for both 5★ Focus and 5★ will return to the initial 3.00%.

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