• Oh, I'm so angry! Commander Anna, listen to what happened...

  • I've never seen you so upset. What happened?

  • I lost... Horribly! Anyway, listen to what happened! After I was attacked by a foe, I tried to use a counter.

  • But my foe just attacked me again... I mean, what a jerk!

  • In other words, you got hit with a follow-up attack. Unfortunately, you got hit because your foe had a higher Speed than you.

  • What?! You mean higher Speed makes follow-up attacks possible? I want to pound that jerk—I am going to practice to increase my Speed!

Conditions for Counters

When you attack a foe, you might be hit with a counterattack. Counterattacks will happen when you attack from a position where the foe is also able to attack—like from an adjacent space, for example. Of course, the same conditions apply to allies, so it is possible for your Heroes to counterattack foes.

Conditions for Follow-Up Attacks

A follow-up attack is when you attack one additional time during a fight. The Spd stat of Heroes is the key to follow-up attacks. Follow-up attacks are possible when there is at least a 5-point difference between the Spd stats of an ally and a foe. Of course, you can also be hit by a follow-up attack from a foe. Be sure to check your foe's Spd.

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