• Sigh... I'm jealous of how Cavalry Heroes can move so far. I wish I could move far too…

  • Movement is determined by the type of Hero. Infantry Heroes like us can't move as far as Cavalry Heroes.

  • But, if we tried our hardest, I'm sure we could... Hey, Commander Anna, look over there! That cloth merchant is having a sale!

  • Really? A sale?! My mercantile instincts are taking over... Sharena, wait here. I'll be right back!

  • Wow! Look how far Commander Anna was able to move... It's amazing how motivating bargains can be!

Four Movement Types

Each Hero can move only a set number of spaces and only over specific types of terrain. This movement ability is divided into four types, such as Infantry and Cavalry. You can tell the movement type by the appearance of the character. You can also tell by the icon next to "LV." on a Hero's profile screen.


Normally they can move two spaces per turn, but when moving through a forest, they can only move one space.


This Hero type moves by flying and can move two spaces per turn. Flying Heroes can travel over terrain like mountains and rivers.


This Hero type rides on a horse. Normally they can move three spaces per turn, but when moving through a trench, they can only move one space. Also, Cavalry Heroes cannot move through forests.


Armored Heroes have poor movement ability but high stats. They can only move one space per turn.

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Changes in Movement Range

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