• A special skill imparted through the echo of attuned hearts! Allow me to introduce Attuned Skills!

  • Ooo, I like them already! Tell me more, Commander!

  • Attuned Skills are a special kind of skill Attuned Heroes possess that are different from A, B, C, or S Skills. Other Heroes can inherit them too!

  • These skills can only be inherited once, but the Attuned Hero and their original skill will remain. So, inherit away!

  • Aw, it sounds nice to have your heart in sync with someone... Time to recruit an Attuned Hero!

Inherit Skills without Losing Heroes

Attuned Heroes have Attuned Skills, which are different from normal A, B, and C Skills or Sacred Seals. Not only that, but like Rearmed Heroes, they do not disappear, nor do their skills, when you have another Hero inherit skills from them. Note, however, that you can only have a Hero inherit skills from them once.

Inherit Skills before Merging Heroes

When you merge Attuned Heroes who haven't passed their skills on to another Hero through skill inheritance, the target ally will not be able to pass their skills on multiple times. When you're merging Attuned Heroes, make sure you have the extras pass on their skills beforehand!

Things to Note About Attuned Skills

Attuned Skills that have been inherited cannot be equipped at the same time as other exclusive skills with the exception of exclusive weapon, Dance, Sing, and Play skills. Also, Attuned Skills cannot be passed on to a third Hero. However, it is possible to carry over Attuned Skills when merging Heroes.

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