• Whew! I managed three victories in a row at the Arena today!

  • Of course, it's not like I'm obsessed with winning. It's all about the journey for me! Hehe!

  • What's this? It looks like a new reward is being added to the Arena.

  • Oh! Now you can get a ticket that lets you summon a powerful ally if you score five consecutive victories! Well, that's certainly worth trying for.

  • Wait, what?! Powerful allies are just what I need! Forget the journey, I want those tickets! Watch out, Arena, here I come!

  • Well, that was quite the sight... But I'm glad to see her this motivated!

4★ Special Rate Summons for 5 Consecutive Wins

The Arena provides various rewards for achieving certain numbers of victories in a row. Five is the maximum number of consecutive victories tracked, and if you achieve this, you can receive a special ticket that allows you to exclusively summon 5★ Heroes who are included in the 4★ Special Rate.

Recruit Heroes from the Summon Menu

When you receive the ticket, a special summon option called Free Summon: Arena Reward will appear. This will consume the ticket to summon a 4★ Special Rate Hero.

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