• Hey, Sharena! Want to go on a trip with me?

  • A trip? This isn't another one of those "trips" where you're stuck in a room and they talk at you about buying land for eight hours, is it?

  • Of course not! Or at least, not this time! Instead, we're going on a Heroes Journey. It's a mode in which two Heroes venture out to take on battles that reward Memento Points if you win!

  • Oh, I can't say no to earning points! I'm guessing you get something special if you earn enough of those Memento Points.

  • That's right! Collecting Memento Points lets you view the logbooks containing the memories that the two Heroes make on their journeys. Build up Rapport through the Memento Events that unfold, and you'll be able to earn rewards!

  • I can't say no to earning rewards either! All right, I'll see if Alfonse wants to go on a Heroes Journey with me!

  • There she goes... Typical. Guess I'll see if Fjorm is free, then.

Send Two of Your Heroes on a Journey

In Heroes Journey, you'll choose two Heroes to go on a journey. Collect Memento Points earned through battle to view their memories of the journey in the form of Memento Events!

Collecting Memento Points

Select a stage to take on a battle using the two Heroes you chose. You'll earn Memento Points if you win!

Watching Memento Events

Once you've earned 100 Memento Points, select the Memento Event option to watch recorded memories of the Heroes' journey together. Select a logbook to start a Memento Event, and you'll earn Rapport depending on what happens in the event!

Changing Heroes Resets Rapport

If you change Heroes partway through the journey, your Rapport total will be reset. Make sure you start off with the Heroes you want to use throughout the event!

Unlock Memories with Memory Fragments

When you rewatch memories you've already seen in Memento Events, you'll acquire Memory Fragments. Spend 20 of these in the Available Memento Events menu to unlock a memory of your choosing. However, bear in mind you can only use this feature three times per Heroes Journey event.

Defeat Bosses

If you succeed in defeating a boss, you can earn special rewards, including accessories!

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