While subscribed to Feh Pass, you can choose a 5★ focus Hero to add to your barracks after summoning 40 times on certain summoning events!

Increased Appearance Rate for 5★ Focus Heroes

Hero Fest events are summoning events that have a high appearance rate for 5★ Heroes, with a 5% rate for focus 5★ Heroes and 3% for other 5★ Heroes. And of course, like other summoning events, the appearance rate for 5★ Heroes increases each time you summon five Heroes in a row that are 4★ or lower.

Don't Forget to Check Hero Fest Events for New Players

Starter Support Hero Fest events are available for up to one week from the time you first start playing the game. Like regular Hero Fest events, these feature higher appearance rates for 5★ Heroes, so make sure you check them out after installing the game!

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Types of Summoning Events

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