Obtaining Ike: Vanguard Legend

Complete Xenologue 3: The People's Hero to obtain Ike: Vanguard Legend. This version of Ike is capable of firing off Specials one after another if you equip him with the right skills.

Warding Breath: For Speedier Skills

Ike: Vanguard Legend comes with the A Skill Warding Breath which gives him Res+4 and Special cooldown charge +1 when a foe initiates combat. Having this equipped lets Ike gain cooldown charge every time he enters combat with a foe.

Special Spiral 3: The Special Sauce

To make Ike even stronger, you can have him inherit Special Spiral 3 from sources such as the Combat Manual for Lewyn: Guiding Breeze. This will grant Special cooldown count-2 after combat if his Special is triggered before or during combat. Combining this with Warding Breath means that Ike will be able to use his Special, Radiant Aether II, when counterattacking. Furthermore, Ragnell has a Distant Counter effect, and Radiant Aether II will restore HP based on damage dealt. This means Ike can serve as a veritable battering ram to break through enemy lines while still sustaining himself.

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