• So today's topic is blessings, is it? Just in time! I'm really struggling to get them. Water, Wind, Fire, and Astra blessings, in particular.

  • In particular? That's nearly half of them!

  • *sigh*... Oh, Commander! Even when there's a bonus season that I can take advantage of, I don't have enough blessings to give to my whole team, and it's tearing me up inside! What should I do?!

  • Er... Well, if you want blessings for Legendary Heroes, you could start by taking on Blessed Gardens. The starting maps aren't very difficult, so it's easy to get started on building up a supply.

  • Blessings for Legendary Heroes... You mean Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth blessings, right? What about blessings for Mythic Heroes?

  • For Light, Dark, Astra, and Anima blessings, you'll want to take on Aether Raids. That said, there are other ways you can get blessings. Just take a look at these instructions I've prepared for the occasion!

Earn Blessings for Legendary Heroes in Blessed Gardens

You can get Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth blessings as first-time completion rewards from Blessed Gardens (found under Story Maps → Multi-Map Battles). There are also maps where you can earn Orbs, so be sure to try it out!

Earn Blessings for Mythic Heroes in Aether Raids

The rewards you can earn for playing Aether Raids include Light, Dark, Astra, and Anima blessings. You'll be guaranteed to get these rewards just for playing, so make sure you take part!

Other Ways to Earn Blessings

Some other ways you can earn blessings include:
・ First-time completion rewards for Lunatic-difficulty Special Training Maps
・ First-time completion of the lowest difficulty of a Legendary/Mythic Hero Battle map
・ Received after acquiring a Legendary/Mythic Hero
・ Rewards for reaching a cumulative score of 12,500 in Tempest Trials

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Conditions for Triggering Blessing Effects

Use Blessings to Strengthen Your Allies

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