• Alfonse, I've been looking for Arena Medals so I can use the Weapon Refinery, but I'm not having much luck...

  • Ah, that is a pity. To get Arena Medals, you'll need to do well in the Arena.

  • Oh, I know! Doesn't Commander Anna sell stuff like old medals sometimes?

  • Come on, Sharena—you know you shouldn't just buy medals. Arena Medals are proof of your valor, and true valor is never up for sale.

  • *sigh* I guess you're right. All right, I'll just have to do my best in the Arena, then!

  • (That was a close one... Sharena could have helped the commander get into some unsavory business there.)

Collecting Weapon Refinery Materials

To use the Weapon Refinery, you'll need both SP and materials: Arena Medals, Divine Dew, and Refining Stones. Have a look below to see how you can get these materials.

Arena Medals

These are mainly received as a reward for winning in the Arena.

Divine Dew

Divine Dew can be obtained when refining weapons using Refining Stones, and it can also be obtained as a reward from Blessed Gardens or Rival Domains—though earning it won't be easy. Exclusive weapons will tend to use a lot of Divine Dew, so we recommend saving up your Divine Dew while you work on other weapons first.

Refining Stones

Refining Stones can be obtained as rewards from events, quests, and so on, and you can also earn them depending on your results in the Arena or Arena Assault at the end of a season.

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