• Being 5★ sure is great! I'm more powerful, more agile... I feel like I could take on the Emblian army all by myself!

  • Let's...not get ahead of ourselves here.

  • Leaving that aside, one great thing about having you at 5★ is that you'll get access to your exclusive weapon skill, Fensalir.

  • There are many other Heroes who can acquire exclusive weapons and powerful skills once you upgrade them to a 5★ rating, so make sure you check them out!

  • Now that you mention it, I know someone who's got an incredible weapon just waiting to be unlocked! All right, let's unlock everyone's potential!

  • Wait, Sharena! The materials you need aren't easy to come by! You've got to be careful about how you— SHARENA!

All Heroes Can Be Upgraded to 5★

Any ally can be upgraded to a 5★ rating, and there are also exclusive weapons and certain skills that they can acquire for the first time in this way. For example, Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist and Camus: Sable Knight are great choices for upgrading, as they can both learn powerful weapon skills if you do so.

Unlock the Potential of Your Starting Allies

You'll often use the allies that you started with—Anna, Alfonse, and Sharena—when taking on events and quests, so it's worth increasing their ★ rating so that they can be even greater assets to your team. They can be bonus characters in the Arena, and they're also useful in Grand Hero Battle and Bound Hero Battle quests, so you've got a lot to gain by taking them to 5★.

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