• So, not only can we use Orbs to summon Heroes, but we can even use them to upgrade the castle too?

  • That's right! Orbs are useful for bolstering our fighting potential in more ways than one. You can get them from quests, the Coliseum, and all kinds of events!

  • Good to know. Still, those Orbs must have some incredible power locked away inside if they can be used for two completely different things.

  • I never really thought about that. But taking a close look at one now, I can see that it's full of some kind of sparkling light...

  • How curious... Oh, I know! I'll smash it open so we can see what's going on in there!

  • What?! No! Give that back! OK, new rule: Sharena, you are NOT allowed to carry the Orbs!

Complete Quests!

Some quests will reward you with Orbs if you meet certain conditions. There are also monthly quests and Voting Gauntlet quests with Orbs as rewards, so make sure you check them out!

Work Toward a High Arena Rank!

In the Arena, you can receive an Orb once a week for winning four times in a row. Additionally, if you place in the fourth tier or higher, you can receive between one and five Orbs at the end of the season. The higher the tier, the more Orbs you can get, so keep working your way up!

Complete Special Maps!

Special maps are available for a limited time only, and some of them can reward you with Orbs when you complete them. There's a fixed schedule for when special maps are available, so keep an eye on the schedule and give them a shot!

Other Ways to Earn Orbs

You can also earn Orbs by completing Chain Challenges on Lunatic difficulty, so try it out when you feel confident in your teams' strength. Additionally, some Blessed Gardens maps have Orbs as rewards too. Both are worth checking out!

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