Favored Heroes are your favorites, so don't just pick them based on how strong they are! Take them into all kinds of battles and events!

In Favor Battles, you can compete against other players with special rules and a custom team. Make one of your favorite Heroes the captain of your team and take part in battles to increase their Favor Level! You'll make progress whether you win or lose.


As you build up Favor Level in Favor Battles, your top three Heroes will be displayed on your Profile Card. Show off your favorites to other players!

Have two Heroes embark on a journey together and make memories along the way! Your journey will be recorded as a Memento Event, where you can see the fun situations that take place between your Favored Heroes!

By subscribing to Feh Pass, you'll be able to use the Free 5★ Summon feature after summoning 40 times in more types of summoning events. This will help make it easier to summon your favorite Heroes when they're featured in a summoning event!

● Applicable Summoning Events

Feh Pass
Feh Pass
Special Heroes Summoning Events
Note: Does not include Special Heroes summoning event revivals
Double Special Heroes -
Legendary & Mythic Heroes -
Hero Fest -
New Heroes
Legendary/Mythic Hero Remix

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