• Hey, Sharena, have you dropped by Arena Assault+ lately? I feel like I haven't seen you around.

  • Eep! S-sorry, Commander! I was...I was meaning to, but...but...

  • I just can't seem to win seven battles in a row! I'm so sorry to all the Heroes who've been fighting by my side, but the agony of defeat is just too much for me!

  • Well, I can see why you might feel overwhelmed—you do need to rely on more Heroes than usual, and it's hard work getting your teams in shape for the challenge. It's only natural to struggle at first.

  • But even if you lose during your winning streak, or the tide of battle turns against you, you can make a tactical retreat to maintain your score and take another stab at it!

  • R-really? I'm so relieved to know there's a safety net! All right, I'll give it my best shot! I'll snag those rewards, and soon everyone will know the might of Sharena!

Win Seven Battles in a Row

The goal of Arena Assault+ is to win seven battles in a row. You can create teams for each battle, but you can't include the same Hero on more than one team, so you'll need to build seven unique teams capable of taking on the challenge.

Don't Forget about Tactical Retreats

The first two times you lose or surrender during a chain of wins, you'll be able to make a tactical retreat to maintain your score and chain, just like in the Arena.

After making a tactical retreat, the option will become available again after you reset your chain of wins by winning seven times in a row or by surrendering.

Receive Rewards for Your Chain of Wins

You can obtain rewards based on how many consecutive wins you rack up, with the selection extending up to rewards for winning three times in a row.

Receive Rewards for Your Rank Too

Your Rank will be decided based on your score, and it provides you with further rewards, such as Hero Feathers, Refining Stones, and Dragonflowers. The types of Dragonflowers available as rewards will be cycled through the seasons in order of infantry, armored, cavalry, then flying.

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