• Hey, Sharena! Have you heard? A different way to do battle against other summoners' teams in Summoner Duels was added, and it's called...Summoner Duels S!

  • "S"? Is that short for survival?! Does it involve summoners struggling to survive on a deserted island, trying to find ways to catch fish and start a fire while teetering on the brink of starvation? The more I think about it... I hope that's not it...

  • Uh, no. To start, Summoner Duels S follows the same basic rules as Summoner Duels R. The key difference is that the competing summoners get to veto two of their opponent's four teams.

  • Oh no... Look at this, Commander! My opponent vetoed my best team! Now I can't send any of my strongest Heroes into battle!

  • Oops! Since your opponent chooses which teams to veto, you should think twice before pouring all your best resources into one team.

  • I guess so... It seems like this was a battle of wits before any real combat began! All right, I'll take another look at how I build my teams for next time!

Build Four Teams to Compete

To participate in Summoner Duels S, you'll need to build four teams, only one of which you'll use at a time. However, keep in mind that if you focus your resources solely on one team, you'll have a hard time getting ahead. Make sure each of your four teams are well balanced and can hold their own on the battlefield!

Veto Two Teams

Once you've been assigned a match, both you and your opponent will pick two opposing teams to veto. You'll be limited to taking one of your two remaining teams into battle.

Choose Carefully When Vetoing

When you're choosing which of your opponent's teams to veto, you won't be able to see the skills that their Heroes have equipped. Try to predict which of your teams will get vetoed while vetoing opponent teams that might make for an unfavorable matchup.

Same Basic Rules as Summoner Duels R

The basic rules for Tier and Glory changes, the number of battles, bonus Heroes, and so on are the same as they are in Summoner Duels R. Try to push your Tier and Glory score as high as you can before you reach the three-loss limit for the season!

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