• There's something fishy going on, Commander! I just ran into the summoner, but there was something different about them...

  • Oh? I don't think it's anything to worry about. They probably just used the My Summoner function to change their appearance.

  • My Summoner?! Now that sounds interesting... Tell me more!

  • My Summoner is an in-game menu that allows you to customize your summoner's appearance, as well as set their name, greeting, and skills.

  • Oh, wow! Wait, skills? Does that mean they'll be joining the front lines?

  • That's right! They'll be able to join in certain battles, and they'll be locked at LV. 40.

Change Name and Greeting

In Allies → Interact with Allies → My Summoner, you can change the name of your summoner and the greeting displayed to friends. Tap the icons to edit text.

Change Appearance

This lets you change your summoner's appearance. There are several different appearances available for you to choose from.

Copy Skills

Copy skills and Sacred Seals from Heroes in your barracks or Combat Manuals that you own and equip them to your summoner. This won't remove the skills from the Heroes you copied them from.

Equip Accessories

This lets your summoner equip any accessories you have. Just like with skills, your summoner equips accessories by copying them. This means your summoner and your Heroes can have matching accessories!

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