Adjust Game Settings to Your Liking

Fire Emblem Heroes features a number of gameplay-related settings. There are a lot of options that people tend to leave on the default setting, so take a look and see what you can tailor to your preferences.

Settings to Look Out For

Combat Animations

On: Displays combat animations.
Own Turn Only: Displays combat animations during your turn only.
Off: Disables combat animations.

Starting a Map

Swap Spaces: After starting a map, you will begin from a phase that lets you change your allies' allocated spaces before taking any further actions.
Go into Battle: Takes you directly into battle after starting the map.

Smart End

On: Automatically starts the enemy turn when your units have completed their actions.
Excl. Pair/Duo: Waits until you tap the End Turn button to end your turn if you have any Legendary Heroes with the Pair Up ability, any Duo Heroes, or any Harmonized Heroes deployed.
Off: Waits until you tap the End Turn button to end your turn.

Show Danger Area

On: Displays the danger area from the start of battle.
Off: Hides the danger area until you tap the Danger Area button.

Assist Skills in Auto

On: Allows use of Assist Skills during auto-battle mode.
Off: Disables use of Assist Skills during auto-battle mode.
No Move Skills: Allows use of Assist Skills during auto-battle mode, with the exception of movement-related skills.

Auto-Battle Text

Auto-Advance: Automatically advances through level-up conversations, etc. during auto-battle mode.
Tap to Advance: Keeps the above text displayed during auto-battle mode until you tap the screen.

Map: No Animation

On: Disables mini-character animations on the map.
Off: Keeps mini-character animations enabled.
Enemy Turn Only: Disables mini-character animations during the enemy turn only.

Home Notifications (Various)

The Settings menu has a number of options that let you toggle notifications per type of game content.
On: Enables notifications on the Home screen for the chosen type of content.
Off: Disables these notifications.

Enemy Music

On: Changes to the enemy phase music during the enemy's turn.
Off: Keeps the music the same when the enemy takes their turn.

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