• Grand Conquests is about to begin! So, um, how exactly does one seize territory?

  • Well, the most important thing to learn first is that Grand Conquests is a team effort!

  • I'll be facing two rival armies, right?

  • That's right! You'll earn points based on your battle results in each area, and the army with the highest total score will seize that territory. And that's why it's essential for you to work together with your teammates in the army you're representing!

  • What? You mean I can't just do it by myself, even if I try really hard?

  • The basic idea is to cooperate with your allies in the same area and steadily build up your score. Start by taking a look at the overall map and seeing which areas you have a good chance of being able to take!

A Game of Seizing Territory for Three Teams

In Grand Conquests, players will be split into three teams, called armies, which will compete against each other to seize territory. Each round consists of three battles, and at the end of each battle, you can receive rewards depending on how much territory your team was able to seize.

Get a High Score and Seize Territory

Select an area and do battle to receive a score based on your performance. Your score for that area will be added to your army's overall score, and the army with the most points at the end of a round will seize the area. Additionally, if your army is ahead by 200,000 points or more, this will "knock out" the other armies, allowing your army to immediately seize the area. The other armies will lose their chance to seize the area for that round.

Move Up GC Tiers and Claim Rewards

You'll climb GC Tiers as you build up your score, with each tier providing various rewards. Additionally, the higher your tier, the more points you'll add toward areas adjacent to the area you chose to battle in, making tiers an important factor in ensuring victory.

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