• I can see a huge tower from the castle windows... What's that about?

  • That's the Hall of Forms! There, you can lead a team of four Forma—special units based on existing Heroes—and fight your way to the top floor of a tower filled with powerful foes!

  • Oh, wow... That doesn't sound like it'll be easy.

  • This mode is all about developing your Forma units while you progress through the tower, so you won't be able to use your own Heroes.

  • What?! Doesn't that just make it even more difficult?

  • Perhaps! But your Forma will gain levels as they defeat foes, and they can learn all kinds of skills as well.

  • And if you develop strong Forma, you'll be able to recruit them into your team by buying Forma Souls from the shop!

Strengthen Your Forma Units and Aim for the Top

Forma units are special Heroes chosen for the event that you'll need to strengthen as you fight your way to the top. At the end of the event, you can use Forma Souls to turn your strengthened Forma units into new allies. Forma Souls can be purchased in Forma Soul Packs from the shop.

Earn Rewards

You can receive Orbs and Dragonflowers the first time you play each day (up to a maximum of seven times). As you complete stages, you'll also earn other rewards, such as Divine Codes and Hero Feathers!

Use Hall of Forms Stamina to Enter

Attempting the Hall of Forms will use one point of stamina unique to this event. This stamina recovers at a rate of three per day. Additionally, if you run out of stamina, you can restore it by using a Forma Torch.

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