• Ah, Allegiance Battles... A special kind of battle where you can borrow Heroes from your friends!

  • So if my friend chooses Alfonse as their helper, I can form a pair with him on the battlefield, right? I'll be looking forward that!

  • If you have a Legendary Hero that can use Pair Up, you'll also be able to have them form pairs with members of your own team, not just your friends' Heroes!

  • Interesting! I guess that means I should do my best to deploy Legendary Heroes with Pair Up in Allegiance Battles as much as I can!

  • That's right! The more paired-up Heroes you have, the easier it'll be to get KO Bonuses, so you'll stand to gain a lot by doing so.

  • You know, I've heard that the rewards change every season, and they might be pretty good! We'd better make sure to get some help from our friends and build up our scores so we don't miss out!

About Allegiance Battles

In Allegiance Battles, enemies will appear one after another, and you'll need to defeat them all within 10 turns. During these battles, you'll be able to use the Hero on the far right of your team's roster to form a pair with a helper. When paired-up Heroes defeat an enemy, you'll get a bonus to your score!

Rewards Await

You'll receive rewards based on your Allegiance Battles score, as well as additional rewards based on your rank at the end of the season. Rewards will change each time a season starts, and there's plenty to earn, from Hero Feathers to Orbs, Dragonflowers, Blessings, and more.

Changes in Rewards

Rewards are chosen for each season of Allegiance Battles, and if you win at least once during the season, you'll receive rewards based on your highest score at the end of the season. There's no limit on how many times you can attempt Allegiance Battles, so keep working at it!

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