Use Auto-Dispatch for Casual Play

You can access the Auto-Dispatch feature in Aether Raids by tapping the arrow icons to the left and right of the Battle button. This handy feature will automatically battle for you up to three times per season, so all you have to do is form a raiding party and wait for them to come back. This is great for when you don't have much time to play, or when something else has your attention.

Lift Is Gained at 75% Rate

When you use Auto-Dispatch, you'll gain Lift at a rate of 75% the amount you would earn when battling. Using Auto-Dispatch will consume the same amount of Aether as normal battles, and you can also double your boost.

20-Hour Return Time

It will take 20 hours for your team to return once dispatched. However, the Heroes you dispatched will still be available to use on other maps.

No Aether or EXP Received

There won't be any Aether Fountains or Aether Amphorae on the enemy maps when you use Auto-Dispatch, so you won't be able to recover Aether. You should also bear in mind that dispatched Heroes won't gain EXP or SP.

Other Things to Note

Aside from the items noted above, the following also apply to Auto-Dispatch:
・ Offensive and defensive fortresses will be treated as being the same level.
・ Escape Ladders cannot be used if you lose a battle or surrender.
・ Movement-related Assist Skills will not be used during the battle.
・ Victories will not count toward AR: Attack Successfully quests.

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