• Did you see how that Hero vanished into the light? Did our summoner do something?

  • Ah, that's nothing to be worried about. It was just time for them to be sent home, that's all. While it's always nice to have strength in numbers, our castle isn't exactly the largest, and sometimes we need to send Heroes home as a result.

  • That's a shame. I mean, we'd only just met...

  • Well, they can still aid us from afar even once they've been sent home by giving us Hero Feathers on their departure. Fear not—their summoning was not in vain.

  • So it's like they're still fighting alongside us, even though they've gone far away! All right, I'll make sure not to let them down!

Items Received for Sending Allies Home

Select Send Home from the Allies menu to return allies to their worlds and receive Hero Feathers in exchange. You'll receive more Hero Feathers from allies with a higher ★ rating.

When to Send Allies Home

At first, your barracks will hold a maximum of only 300 allies, so you should start sending allies home once you reach that limit. However, don't forget that you lose allies when you use them in Merge Allies or Inherit Skill, so you should prioritize those options before you send anyone home. You can also avoid the risk of accidentally sending home allies you want to keep by tapping the heart mark shown at the top left of their profile—this will set them as favorites.

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